Aaaryanzz bring you luxury villas and builder floors, expertise in residential and commercial turnkey construction projects, and designer interiors for homes, offices and showrooms. Aaaryanzz …. always committed to providing exquisite living and work space experiences.

We The People: What We Have For You

We offer a variety of services…

Luxury Villas & Builder Floors

We build luxury villas and builder floors in premium locations, with contemporary interiors, branded high quality materials and considering practical needs of our clients. Happy clients are our biggest advertisements, as their word-of-mouth generates our maximum sales.

Real Estate Investment Advisory

We provide professional end-to-end investment advisory for residential and commercial properties.

Turnkey Construction Of Residential & Commercial Buildings

We undertake turnkey construction projects in both residential and commercial properties. We manage end-to-end requirements from the regulatory approvals and designing to construction and interiors. Our focus is on minimising time and cost to meet the preferred delivery schedule and budget of clients.

Property Sale & Purchase

We give total clean service from purchase to rental to sale.

Turnkey Designer Interiors For Residences, Offices & Showrooms

We undertake stand-alone interiors for residences, offices and showrooms, combining personalized interior design services with end-to-end delivery and installation with best quality materials.

Rentals, & Maintenance Services

You will get the excellent service for the maintenance services



At Aaaryanzz, our vision is to not just build houses, but to build homes. Our four-point ethical framework is based on Rotary’s 4-Way Test and forms the bedrock of our operations as we work on your “Homes” and Satisfying Space Solutions.

1] We speak the Truth

With our words, with the high quality of our products, services and delivery schedules.

2] We are fair to all

We are fair to the labourers who worked hard, designers, builders, brokers ….. and above all, to our clients.

3] We build goodwill and better friendships

Goodwill is hard to earn and it’s our determination to work hard for it. We believe is making strong relationships with our clients and business partners, through fair dealings, good products and services and excellent after-sale service. We hope our clients would keep leveraging our strengths for their future needs.

4] Our dealings should be beneficial to all concerned

We aim at a win-win for every stakeholder – our clients, labourers, designers, suppliers and brokers.

From human beings to being humans. We as humans use unlimited natural resources and it is our moral responsibility to acknowledge it & give back to the environment.

At our end we do that by means of

  1. Construction methods minimising dust and water usage
  2. Maximise eco-friendly construction materials
  3. Rain water harvesting installed in every building
  4. Tree plantation
  5. Option of solar energy

Terrace area layout aimed at minimising temperature of the floors below during summers to reduce usage of ACs

  1. We use Stainless Steel water tanks instead of plastic water tanks used by everyone else to ensure that the water you drink and use is free from effects of plastic tanks baked in hot Indian Sun. Priority is always ethics above profits.
  2. We use food grade CPVC water pipes.
  3. We design our buildings to maximise sunlight and cross-ventilation of natural air, when you want it.

+ The small details that make a big difference

  1. While building walls, we ensure cement mortar is filled between every adjacent bricks. This makes the walls VERY
  2. The bricks are repeatedly sprinkled with water before and after masonary work to ensure they bind strongly with the mortar.
  3. We install extra iron crosses in door frames for added strength in wall-binding.

No doubt, main motive of all businesses is to earn profits. We at Aaaryanzz too are concerned about profits. But, not at the cost of compromising quality or business ethics.

Turnkey projects are sincerely undertaken with utmost dedication & strong emphasis is placed on saving the maximum cost for the clients deliver the best to you. We believe in service above self.

About us

Aaaryanzz is an end-to-end real estate construction, consulting, and services firm. It is driven by Rtn Vivek Duggal, an MBA from University Business School, Chandigarh and a seasoned professional with over a decade of experience in real estate sector. He has built a formidable reputation for delivering high-quality luxurious houses, builder floors and turnkey projects – both residential and commercial… More



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